Welcome 2015 Without Negative Resolutions

newyear2015Do your New Year’s Resolutions cause you anxiety the minute you make them? Are you forming your goals for the new year based on your  failures or shortcoming of the previous year? Is your promise to yourself ringing with negativity in your ear?

I came across this article on BuzzFeed and I think it’s a brilliant idea. Rather than casting a grand resolution, or list of resolutions, over 2015 instead record all the moments you feel accomplished or proud throughout the year in a jar … a Rememberlutions Jar!

New Year’s resolutions can be energizing and motivating, but they can also lead you to beat yourself up; focusing on the previous year’s failures to figure out where to do better next year is no way to live. And when you don’t keep your resolutions (yet again), you can feel completely defeated.

So instead of focusing on shortcomings, prepare to celebrate each awesome thing that happens next year.

Make a jar now that you can fill with memories and accomplishments over the course of the next 12 months.

You can review and remember when the ball drops at the end of 2015!

This craft project can be as simple or as involved as you want.  Not into being crafty? Write your goals on the jar with a sharpie. Got your glue gun ready? Dress your jar up in your style! Starting the new year with a project that puts a positive message in your mind is a great jump start to 2015.

The jar is a fun motivator to celebrate what may seem like a small “win”

Lacking a suitable empty jar and any desire to buy craft supplies and break out my hot glue gun, I opted to find an adorable orange mason jar at Ross for the budget friendly price of $2.99.

Our 2015 Rememberlution Jar!
Our 2015 Rememberlution Jar!

The idea behind Rememberlution creates a positive platform for the rest of the year.  When we create a resolution typically we are scanning through the recently ended year and examining all the things we did wrong, didn’t do enough, didn’t do at all . This list morphs into our resolution.  At the end of the year, how much time do you spend focusing on all of the milestones and accomplishments of the past 12 months? I am betting little to none. At the end of the year rememberlutions force you to celebrate all of those moments.

I bet if we all used a Rememberlution Jar there would be far fewer Facebook statuses thanking God that the year is over.

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