Sports Trends – 5 US Sports Europe Didn’t Invent

Americans love other nations’ sports. I was in a sports bar last night. The majority of the televisions were displaying rugby, soccer and cycling…cycling! London even hosts NFL regular season games. I’m baffled by this international sports trend when there are so many challenging and competitive sports that were created right here on American soil by Americans.

Here are the top five American owned sports you could be playing instead of cricket.

Sports in America - Roller Derby
The 1976 LA Thunderbirds Roller Derby Team

Roller Derby. Although now an international sport, roller derby was first created in the 1930’s in Chicago. All contact sports should be played on roller skates.

Arena Football. Not only did Americans take over the word “football” to refer to a sport mainly played with the hands, they also changed the venue to create an entirely new consumer dollars sucking professional league. There’s nothing more American than that. Just ask Philadelphia Soul Team History.

Slamball. Like Arena Football, some American decided normal basketball just was not good enough and created a new sport that incorporates trampolines in basketball. I know. Your mind is blown.

Fowling. If the inventor of this game wasn’t drunk when he came up with it then I fear for his mental health.  With that being said, I really want to play. A brilliant combination of football, bowling, corn hole and horseshoes that only an American mind could cultivate.

Stock Car Racing. The creator of stock car racing and NASCAR is an American genius. He managed to convince a country that driving a car in a circle is a sport! These events continue to ooze Americana soaked in beer and fueled by corporate sponsorship. And, the crashes are cool.

Author’s Note – This post is written in satire. I do not have any discriminatory feelings towards fans and participants of soccer, rugby, cycling or cricket. 

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