A Personal Touch

Some of the best writing I have done in my life has been extremely personal.  These musings have usually been written in very emotionally charged situations, usually late at night and at times after a glass (or three) of wine. To help my new readers get to know me, I am sharing some of these writings. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

A Memorial

2 thoughts on “A Personal Touch

  1. Courtney as I read this I was brought back to that very moment in time when I was standing next to you as you were reading it. Just beautiful . I am full of pride now as I was that amazing day of goodbys . You gave me the courage to open my own heart and speak the words I had written . Such a precious time in our lives.
    As you have taken on this project of writing , I find myself on the journey with you., A journey of memories reflection and learning . I have lived through all of these moments
    with you in some capacity and am reliving each one with you now. It is a good thing , a healing thing. Your writing is amazing and I know others will agree. Keep moving forward and I know you will touch the lives of others. I am proud of our relationship and pray for you the best in your future. It is a privilege to be your mother. God bless.

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